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What is Project Lively?

Project Lively combines the best of both worlds between traditional files and online storage. Documents that have Project Lively are perfectly normal, everyday Office documents and can be treated as such in every way. Store them where you like, email them to whomever you like, post them online wherever you like, and work with them offline. But like magic, whenever you’re working on any copy of the document, it always has the latest content, from anyone who edited it.

About the project

Project Lively was created in a few days by a very small team for the //oneweek Hackathon 2016. This simple proof-of-concept requires an Office Add-in, and does not attempt to handle merge conflicts. But it’s easy to imagine the possibilities. A zero-configuration system whereby offline, “dead” files work exactly as you expect, in ways that are perfectly familiar to everyone, and yet are always live with the latest content and changes from multiple authors, and are always backed up to the cloud.

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Getting started with Project Lively

Making a document "live" with Project Lively

  1. Add the Project Lively add-in to Word.
    Get Project Lively
  2. Create a new Word document.
  3. Home > Project Lively
  4. Make some edits, and click the Save Document button in the Project Lively pane.
  5. Give the document to a friend however you want! Email, USB stick, whatever. When your friend opens it, she'll get the latest version automatically (after she has chosen to trust the Project Lively addin for the first time)
Project Lively is a Microsoft Garage project.